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ITI certification seal in English-Latvian language pair

In the UK, Qualified ITI Members can affix ITI Certification Seals in order to certify a translation. This the translation becomes ‘official’, in the sense it has been done and/or certified by a Qualified ITI Member. Qualified Member of ITI from 2015. Full member of from 2003. MPhil from the University of Latvia.


Translating words or text from one language into another

English to Latvian

Translation is not simply writing the same text in a different language. It is much more than that.
Tulkošana nav vienkārša teksta pārrakstīšana citā valodā. Tā prasa daudz vairāk.

Latvian to English

Parasti šeit nepieciešams radīt domu no jauna, izsakoties saviem paša vārdiem, līdz process kļūst par transkreāciju. Citiem vārdiem sakot – tā ir māksla.
Most of the time, it involves recreating the idea using your own words to the point where it becomes transcreation. In short, it is a form of art.

Russian to English

Именно поэтому необходим человек знающий. мне ли не знать¸ ведь стаж у меня 30 с лишним лет.
Which is why you really want somebody who knows what they are doing. With 30 odd years behind my back, I should know.

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Process of adapting a message from one language to another, while maintaining its intent, style, tone, and context.


Process of reviewing a document to ensure consistency and accuracy in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and formatting. Proofreading involves one text and one language.


The process of comparing the translation against the source document in order to ensure it is accurate and adequate for the purpose. Revision involves two texts and two languages.

Transcription & Translation

The process of writing down word by word what has been said in an audio file in the same language. The acquired text is then translated into another language.

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